Born to a self medicating psychiatrist and raised as a sacrificial lamb for the mental health meat grinder, I’m actually pretty surprised I’ve made it this far.

I am an award winning writer, comic, poet, photographer,design ronin. I have no real home. No place to place the dusty jacket. A place to reassure my shoes. I have lived everywhere and nowhere at once. I have seen much and known little.

My works are an attempt to make a modicum of sense of a path made of gravel and quicksand. Unsure footing is my inspiration. The wind that whips up at you at you stare into the abyss,leaning out over the edge and wondering if you have what it takes.

I do advocacy work through NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) in an attempt to let the industry atone for the way it has failed so many. I am both appalled and relieved at the things being done in the mental health field. I look into the eyes of the police as we train for high crisis situations and all I see is will to act, to consume. I aim to fix this static mentality that is so fundamental to the law enforcement specific myopia that is giving the very institution itself the blackest of eyes. I serve both the belly and the brain of the beast.

I also tell jokes.


Places of note that I have performed:


Comedy Cafe

Jokerz Comedy Club

BonkerZ Comedy Club

Laugh Factory


Comedians You Should Know

The Comedy Store

The Improv


The Great American Comedy Festival

The Orlando Indie Comedy Festival


NAMI National Conference

Any number of bars on both coasts and everywhere in between